Hall of Fame

People that are very special for me
Franz Josef Wagner

Franz Josef Wagner
One of the best journalists I know. Author ("Das Ding", "Im September, wenn ich noch lebe", "Big Story", "Wolfs Spur" ) and special editor.
I own every of his rare to get published books.

Jil Sander
Jil Sander
Jil Sander is a German fashion designer known for understated and sleek designs, luxurious fabrics and her perfume line.
It is also the name of the fashion house she founded, Jil Sander AG. Her minimalist trademarks include striking silhouettes, high-end fabrics, and meticulous detail, emphasizing quality over flash. (Text from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
Niki Lauda
Niki Lauda
Standing up again and again. Owner and one of the pilots of the carrier "Fly NIKI". Maybe one of the last professional racing drivers with his own mind.
Johannes Gross
Johannes Gross (†)
Journalist and publisher (Impulse, Capital). His economical and social analysis were one of the greatests that I have read.
Wolfgang Joop
Internationally successful German fashion designer. He is the incorporator of the fashion and cosmetics company JOOP! and is considered with Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander as the most successful German in this industry. (Text from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Silvana Koch-Mehrin
German politician and Member of the European Parliament with the Free Democratic Party of Germany, a Vice-Chairwoman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and sits on the European Parliament's Committee on Budgets. (Text from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Steve McQueen
(1930 –1980) was an American movie actor, nicknamed "The King of Cool". He was one of the biggest box-office draws of the 1960s and 1970s due to a popular "anti-hero" persona. McQueen was combative with directors and producers; regardless, he was able to command large salaries and was in high demand. (Text from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Christian Kracht
A famous swiss writer and journalist. He is among the best known exponents of 1990s German "pop literature".
His work has changed my point of view and therefore my life.
An autograph of him adressed to me stands on my USM Haller Sideboard next to my Wilkhahn working desk in my home office.
And he made an entry in the guestbook of this site.

Martin Castillo
Edward James Olmos was playing the role of Lieutenant Martin Castillo in Miami Vice. Miami Vice was a popular and innovative television series starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as two Metro-Dade Police Department detectives working undercover in Miami.
Castillo is a very taciturn man, he speaks as little as needed, and lives a reclusive life outside of work. He has earned undisputed loyalty from the Vice squad.


Günter Netzer
(born September 14, 1944 in Mönchengladbach) is a former German football player and manager. He was considered to be one of the greatest passers in the game's history.
Netzer was the iconic playmaker and is considered one of the best midfielders of all times, gaining a lot of attention with his long passes and pushes from deep within his own half of the pitch. Apart from his superior ball skills, his natural authority made him the undisputed leader of his team.
(Text from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)